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Access Control

People are the backbone of any business, but controlling what people have access to is necessary to security. Finding the balance between keeping strangers out and employees in while not scaring away customers is where access control systems come into play.

Entrances that should be accessed by your employees only can be marked and secured with electronic locks that don't involve intimidating gates or bars. Business entrances that need to be open to the public can be protected with sensors and security cameras. Southwest Security is available to help you create a secure business location that puts access control in your hands.

Customized Access Included

Basic access can be covered with motion sensors and cameras for public entryways. Many businesses already know about these, but did you know electronic access can be customized to prevent people from using their entry codes at inappropriate times?

Managers can have access at any time of the day. Hourly employees can be restricted to business hours and security staff can have a separate access code which allows them everywhere in the building. However you need your system configured, Southwest Security can set it up.

Multi-Level Access Control Systems

Role based access control is part of these security systems. Limiting who can do what with the security system allows a business to keep track of what occurs and when. Standard access can be coded for new employees with increasing allowances given as seniority advances. Managers can arrange for necessary automation and make adjustments based on business needs while security is able to track entry and exit through access logs.

Southwest Security knows that no single set of access controls will suit every business, so we offer on-site consultations in order to customize our security plan to your needs. Knowing who can come and go, keeping access to your assets in your hands and allowing your employees the ability to tend to their jobs without risking security are aspects of how we help you protect what matters most. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.

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