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Surveillance Systems

Security cameras have come leaping ahead with recent improvements in technology, leaving the phone line-dependant analog versions behind. While visible surveillance systems are usually a deterrent to criminals, there are benefits to upgrading a more thorough, modern system. Southwest Security can help you decide what security solutions are best for your Albuquerque Business.

Prevention is Key

When we do an assessment of a business, we’re looking for three main things:

  • What are the weak points in your current security system?
  • What technology can we offer that will solve those problems?
  • How much coverage and protection do you want for each location?

A Southwest Security technician offers expert advice during the complimentary on-site consultation that comes with your interest in security surveillance.

Innovations in Security Cameras

Security cameras have taken a step forward with technology, and now we're proud to offer a variety of wireless cameras that come with high definition, 720p resolution, a longer wireless range and capable of night vision. Vandal-resistant design on our indoor dome cameras means you won't need to replace them frequently, and they are all quick and simple to install. Why close your business down for a week for a security system installation when you could have it done in a couple of days?

Criminals are often looking for the easiest possible mark, and a security system has proven to reduce break-ins by 300%. Security cameras are a visible hint to potential intruders that they can be identified. Alarm systems with monitoring mean the police can be notified of a break-in within minutes, and that greatly reduces the opportunity for a criminal to escape.

Prevent unnecessary repair costs with the presence of a surveillance system and protect what matters most to you and your business. Call Southwest Security today to learn more.

Call Southwest Security and reap the benefits a security system with surveillance can offer your business. (505) 440-9025