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Emergency Alert Capability for Albuquerque

Did you know that 24-hour monitoring centers can get a faster response than calling 911 on your own? Or that young children who can’t dial a phone could activate an emergency alert button? You and your loved ones should never be in a situation where you can’t summon help. This is why emergency alert systems have been designed and included in security system monitoring. Southwest Security is ready to help you protect what matters most, and that goes beyond anti-burglary devices.

Wireless Emergency Alert Assistance

A disabling injury occurs every four seconds, and falls are the leading cause of death due to injury amongst the elderly. While not all falls result in injuries, a large percentage of people who fall can’t get up on their own.

The worry about an accident occurring and leaving a loved one unable to obtain help can be as debilitating as the accident itself. Emergency alert systems allow discreet protection and immediate contact for those who want to live independently and fearlessly. This isn’t a luxury item or a replacement for cell phones. What emergency alert systems do is provide peace of mind.

If a family member falls in a hallway and is unable to move, our newest wristwatch style medical alert system allows them to call for help immediately. Two-way voice capability allows them to stay in contact with a monitoring center operator. The sooner help reaches you or your loved one, the better the chances of full recovery. Why risk your health, the health of your family members or your own peace of mind?

Protecting What Matters Most

Southwest Security does more than provide motion detectors or wireless emergency alert monitoring. We provide a complete start-to-finish design of a security system that meets your needs and your budget. With home automation, smart security systems and emergency alert monitoring available, we’re focused on our services making your life easier.

Convenience, reliability and personalized services are all part of what we offer to give you the greatest peace of mind possible. Contact us today and learn more about our personalized services and what security we can offer you.

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