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Surveillance Systems

Sometimes, surprises can be nice but not when your homes security is on the line. It's your home; you want to know who's entering, who's moving around it and who has been walking past your garage.

A surveillance system can tell you all of that, and Southwest Security can tell you exactly what kind of system will work best for you and your home.

Knowledge is Power

Security cameras may seem like they're meant for business owners only, but this is far from the case. Not only can a surveillance system tell you who has been moving around your home, but it can tell you if your pets are responsible for the mess in the kitchen or what your babysitter is doing while your child is napping.

The point of security cameras is to provide peace of mind for you; knowing exactly what's going on when you're not home is key to that. Let us show you how to choose the right surveillance system to help you protect what matters most.

Forewarned is Forearmed

How can you know when your home is under threat of a break-in? Criminals don't leave fliers advertising their interest in your home, but they do stake out their targets. Security cameras can watch for you while you're away on business or busy in the kitchen and let you know that someone has been repeatedly coming to look your home over.

Security cameras take it a step further with their ability to record video and transmit it to our cloud server. Has an intruder been testing their ability to get onto your property unnoticed? A video clip sent to local law enforcement can let them identify the perpetrator and prevent a tragedy from occurring.

Feeling safe in your own home is something we usually take for granted until that is violated. Being forewarned that there's criminal interest in your home is being forearmed against intruders. Southwest Security wants to put that ability in your hands with our surveillance systems. Contact us today to find out more about what our services can do for you!

Contact us at (505) 440-9025 and find out about our security camera systems and what kind of surveillance would be best for you and your home.