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Security Consultant

Security is meant to address that universal need for safety, giving you peace of mind in knowing that your business is safe from criminals. Most security systems are designed with that in mind. What Southwest Security chooses to do is go a step further and create a personalized security system for your business. Our security consultants will help you choose the protection that fits your business like a glove.

Professional security consultants are equipped and trained to identify the weaknesses in a building's security. They examine a building's access points, surroundings and current security system to detail where further action should be taken. A security consultant can recommend the number of sensors, cameras and what type of alarm system will work best for your business.

Custom-Designed Security

When you speak with a Southwest Security consultant, you'll receive expert advice on how to best protect the investment of your business. What we'll receive is the information we need to customize a security system to best suit you.

If you have a schedule that requires doors to be watched at odd hours of the night, we'll tailor video systems to record every time those doors are opened. Are you holding onto stock that represents your next quarter's profits? We can help you secure that room. Is there an entryway that is meant only for employees? We can provide access control tailored to allow only people who meet the credentials you determine in advance.

Inform Us and We'll Protect You

No two businesses are alike, and security systems need to be tailored to match. Our professional security consultants recognize what worked yesterday for a different business won't work for you; we work with you to find the exact system you need to protect what matters most. By talking to a security consultant from Southwest Security, you're getting professional information and expert guidance in the creation of a system to keep your business inviolate.

Let our security consultants help you create a safety network that is tailored to your workplace so you can focus on making your business a success. Call us today to schedule your first consultation!

Call (505) 440-9025 today to speak to our security consultants about creating a security system that will meet your needs and budget!