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DVR Recorders in Albuquerque’s Security

The key to peace of mind is making technology work for you. A security system with DVR recording capability can not only watch your home but also take recordings to show you who does what throughout the day. Suspicious activity can be caught before it turns into crime, and you can see when someone who isn’t supposed to be in your home has been attempting it.

Southwest Security knows that prevention is the first line of protection, and digital video recorders help do more than just watch your front door.

Digital Video Recorders Are Your Eyes

You can’t be home 24/7, but Southwest Security can be in your stead. With DVR recorders attached to your camera system, any activity in or around your home can be caught in real-time recording. This video can be transmitted to our cloud server where it will be safely stored. You don’t have to worry about protecting the information; we’re dedicated to your peace of mind, so we’ll handle that for you.

With DVR recorders, video can be captured and replayed, set to record only when motion detectors are activated or during certain portions of the day. Does a video clip show an intruder trying to break into your garage? It can be sent to local law enforcement to let them identify the perpetrator and prevent crime from occurring.

We’ll Watch When You Can’t

A security system incorporating digital video recorders from Southwest Security can tell you what happens in your home when you’re asleep, away or even busy in your home office. This is control put directly into your hands, with the guaranteed assistance from our Alarm Response Center. You’ll be able to view what happened to your home while you weren’t there and plan accordingly.

Let us help you put technology to work for you, protecting what matters most. Your peace of mind, security and the safety of your family can all be handled by a 24/7 monitoring and recording system that we custom design to meet your needs. Contact us today and learn about all of our available alarm systems and how we incorporate DVR recorders to keep you safe.

Find out if a DVR recorder is right for your security and call 505.339.2063 today!