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Power Supplies for Albuquerque’s Safety

Batteries are part of most electronics, including security system monitors, cameras, detectors and electronic door locks. Replacing those batteries can be more time-consuming than just removing a panel and switching them out. Wireless security components especially require batteries with a lengthy lifespan.

Southwest Security knows how critical it is for your security system to have reliable power, so we optimize your power supplies with hard-wired systems and 24 hour backup batteries.

Problems with Power Supply?

Electrical power is one of the key components that let a security system work. Technology runs off of electricity—for now!—and without that, monitors, cameras and detectors can’t function. Power failures can occur at any time and for many reasons. Everything from lightning to high winds, water main breaks and equipment failure can cut the power off to your home.

Batteries actively create electricity through chemical reactions and store that until attached to an electrical circuit. Backup batteries are an essential part of ensuring that your security system will continue to function even in the event of a power outage. Criminals often take advantage of power outages; adding backup power supplies to your recorders and monitors will allow you home to remain safe.

True Security in Any Event

Southwest Security knows that power can go down, calamities can occur and security systems have a job to do. Our customized security systems include ensuring that your protection continues even in the event of a power outage. This is why our wireless and hard-wired system components include power supply units.

Control panels, sensors, cameras, detectors and more are all designed with a 24-hour backup battery to keep your security system active until the power comes back on. You’re guaranteed to have protection and peace of mind with the assurance that your system is ready to handle any event that occurs. Call today and find out what kind of power supplies we can apply to your security system.

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