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Burglar Alarm Systems

It's a common movie scene: A happy family comes home only to discover the front door has been forced open, their home is in shambles and valuable possessions they spent years working for have been taken.

The average financial loss of a burglary is around $2,000, but that doesn't take into account the emotional damage of such an event. A break-in utterly shatters a family's sense of safety in their own home, and insurance coverage can't pay for that.

Security Systems to Let You Rest Easy

Southwest Security knows that there's more at stake than just protecting your electronics or antiques. Security systems are meant to save lives and keep your peace of mind intact. Burglars are more likely to pass up a house where a security system has been installed. With a break-in happening an average of every 13 seconds, this isn't just something to increase the value of your home. It's a proven protection against the kind of nightmare that hundreds of families endure daily.

Prevention Is Protection

With burglar alarm systems installed, a home not only has a greater chance of being ignored by criminals, but you have a better chance of identifying anyone who may in fact break in. Video monitoring can be included to record when motion sensors are activated or when points of access have been used.

Southwest Security's Alarm Response Center can alert emergency services immediately when a burglar alarm system is activated. Faster response means a better chance of your possessions being recovered and the criminal apprehended.

Statistics show us that burglars are 300% more likely to pass up a home with a burglar alarm system. Don't gamble with your home when a security system is a sure bet. Call Southwest Security today for a free estimate on your home security solutions.

Even in the Land of Enchantment, burglars are still a very real concern. Call (505) 440-9025 to take the first step in protecting your home!