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Wireless Security Systems

Traditional security systems relied on analog cameras and access to phone lines in order to transmit signals over a modem. With the speeds available via modem, this could mean that emergency services wouldn't arrive until an hour or more had passed. Not only did this give burglars time to commit their crimes, it also gave them an ample window of opportunity to escape.

Only 13% of burglaries are ever prosecuted, and this is a rate of clearance that makes it difficult for justice to ever be served. Southwest Security works with progressive technology to make your business safe and criminals unable to do much beyond avoid attempting crime.

Is it Time to Upgrade Your Security System?

With the advent in wireless technology, that slow speed and lack of response is a thing of the past. Wireless security systems have another unique advantage: Criminals can't disable them.

Analog cameras with a phone line feed became useless whenever a criminal cut the phone lines. Wireless security systems can still record and transmit without a phone line and this allows the alarm signal to be responded to immediately.

Go Wireless!

When Southwest Security performs a complimentary on-site evaluation of your business, we have greater freedom in recommending camera placement with the usage of wireless technology. A wireless security camera system doesn't need phone lines strung all over the building; power sources and what function the camera will perform are the only considerations taken. Not only does this mean you can have cameras placed where you feel they're needed, but there is no extensive wiring that will need to be placed.

Our wireless security system includes 24/7 quick response monitoring for alarms, remote access to real time video via a login you can perform from your smartphone or computer as well as email and text alert notifications. With video footage stored in a safe, external cloud server, you don't have to worry about providing servers to keep your business's monitoring safe. With our high definition, full color cameras that have longer wireless range and greater clarity than analog cameras, you can be certain anything you want caught on tape will be caught.

Easy installation is part of the package with our wireless security camera systems, as well as the peace of mind knowing that we're helping you protect what matters most. Contact us today to get started!

Upgrade an analog system or take the full step to wireless capability with a call to Southwest Security! (505) 440-9025