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Hardwired Security for Albuquerque

In a wireless world, there’s still a purpose for wired security systems. Reliable, easily repaired, easily supported and requiring no battery power to function, hardwired security is still in common use across the country. A home security system is a major deterrent against intrusion, and a system that can’t be tampered with remotely provides an extra measure of peace of mind.

Southwest Security can help you select a wired security system for your home that will keep your home from being one of the 2,000,000 burglaries reported every year.

Wired vs. Wireless Security Systems

Wireless technology is commonplace now that advances have made it more reliable, less prone to interference and requires no home landline to install or function. So why consider hardwired security?

As technology changes, manufacturers change. A wireless system installed two years ago may not be compatible with anything on the market in three years. If a transmitter breaks down, the entire wireless system could need replacement. Wired security systems are more generic; they can be adjusted to suit nearly any brand of alarm system. Only the keypads are brand-specific.

Hardwired security is also compatible with wireless systems. If you have a wired system already installed and wish to expand it, you can include wireless components to cover further areas of your home.

Reliability for a wireless security system isn’t usually an issue, but it can be. Wired security systems, however, have no trouble reading the signals sent by the sensors and responding accordingly. They’re not subject to external interference.

Reliable Security from the Professionals

Southwest Security doesn’t use a single system for every home. Our systems—wireless or hardwired security—are customized to each home to meet every unique need that your family has. If you need a combination, are looking for home automation or just need video monitoring to ensure your peace of mind, we can help.

Home security companies may offer standard security systems; we offer our expertise, dedication and the tools you need to help you protect what matters most. Call today to find out if a wired security system is right for you home.


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