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Alarm Monitoring Systems

One of the most common reasons for false alarms is user error, but when an alarm system is complex, a homeowner can't be expected to take time out of their day to sit down and learn the finer aspects of security technology. That isn't your job; it's ours.

At Southwest Security, we work to find security monitoring that is going to be effective and user friendly. You shouldn't need to worry that your security system is so complex that it's going to take you ten minutes to reset the alarm every time you come home.

Simple, Easy to Use Alarms

Our security monitoring is designed to work for you. When your system is installed, a Southwest Security technician will not only test to ensure the system is fully functional, they will go over every piece of installed tech with you so that you know exactly what you've paid for. How to activate your alarm system, how to deactivate it, how to reset and how to check for error are all explained and we don't leave until you feel comfortable handling your alarm system.

24/7 Monitoring

Now that you have a security system installed, what happens when it's not a false alarm? That is where our alarm system monitoring comes in. With a Five Diamond Certified Alarm Response Center available 24/7, any alarm that happens is going to be noticed. Our operators have been certified by the Central Station Alarm Association and know exactly how to respond in case of an alarm in your home.

Alarm system monitoring is what lets you know that you've protected what matters most. You've been educated on your alarm system; intruders have not. In the case of an alarm going off, our operators know who to alert and the procedure for doing so. We put our operators through 96 hours of classroom training before they undergo 8 weeks of hands-on, supervised experience in order to give them complete confidence in handling any emergency that you have.

Alarm system monitoring is the service we provide to ensure that when that alarm does go off, your household is not alone in facing a crisis. Contact us today to learn more about our customized alarm systems.

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