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Smart Security Systems

Even the words “false alarm” create a sense of irritation. Imagine how much worse it would be to have a home security system that caused false alarms every time the cat went through the pet door or wind blew open a window. False alarms not only waste your time, they misdirect emergency services from genuine disasters that need immediate attention. If an alarm system is continually sending false alarms, it destroys your peace of mind. Southwest Security knows exactly how detrimental these can be, and that's why we look for solutions.

Alarms That Cry Wolf
Smart security systems are designed to eliminate as many false alarms as possible. We can't do anything about the cake burning in the oven, but we can help with smart home security systems that give you time to turn the smoke alarm off before it sends a signal to our Alert Response Center.

70% of false alarms are actually caused by user error. Complicated systems make it difficult to identify problems and prevent false alarms. We use education and technology to ensure that our customers don't have any worries about arming their security systems.

Smart Security Means Real Security

Motion sensors that can distinguish between your wandering pets and intruders are only one of the options we have available for your smart home security system. Outdoor wireless cameras available with high definition and night vision clarity can let you see the difference between a neighbor retrieving a thrown ball and an intruder sneaking up to your front door. Being able to determine the right time for an alarm to trigger is part of keeping your peace of mind intact.

A smart home security system involves educated homeowners. This is why our work isn't done after the installation is complete; it's only done when you are able to feel safe in your home.

If you have small children, pets, a crowded neighborhood or multiple points of access to your home, you want a smart security system that is going to help you protect what matters most.Call Southwest Security today to create a smart home security system that works for your household.

Call (505) 440-9025 to let our licensed security experts help you create a smart security system.