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Southwest Security

The difference between a house and a home isn't the size of the building or whether you rent or own. A home is where you feel safe and secure. At Southwest Security, we understand how important that feeling is.

Knowing that you can leave your home without worrying about what you may return to is one of the benefits of home security systems. Working with a company that tailors your service to suit your needs is why so many people choose Southwest Security.

It's Not Just Safety

Home security systems don’t vary much from one place to the next. We all have the same basic technology to work with. So what are you really choosing when you use Southwest Security? You’re choosing personalized customer service unlike anything you’ll get from a competitor.

Our service begins AFTER the sale. Now that you've become one of our customers, we tailor our services to your needs. And once we’ve installed your system, we’ll work with you closely to ensure you continue to get top-of-the-line service from our responsive team.

Protecting what matters most involves knowing what matters most to you and ensuring that your house, apartment, duplex or mobile home has the sense of safety to make it a home.

...It's Peace of Mind

No job is too large or small. Aside from home security systems, we also offer solutions for your business. If you own your own business, the safety of your investment and your livelihood is what Southwest Security is interested in maintaining.

There's enough to worry about in the day-to-day operations of your business. The safety of your workforce and your investment shouldn't be a concern. The business security systems we create for you at Southwest Security are aimed for the peace of mind that you need to handle what life throws at you.

Licensed in New Mexico, trained in security system design and with service that begins after the sale, our business is helping you protect what matters most. Contact us today to learn more about our personalized products.

24-hour security monitoring, unique systems and customized plans? We have them all. Call (505) 440-9025 to have your unique security system started!