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Wireless Security Systems

Phones, computer mice, gaming controllers and more are all now available without the clunky wires that we remember from years past. The wireless revolution has struck every aspect of our lives, from television to phone usage, and it has a unique advantage when it comes to security systems.

Many home intruders still cut phone lines in an attempt to disable security systems. At Southwest Security, we work around that.

It's Modern, Go Wireless

Wireless security systems are able to function without access to telephone lines. Not many people actually have a land line any longer, and they don't want to have one installed just for the sake of a security system.

With our wireless security camera system, you don't need to take that extra step. There are no lines to cut or trip over, no interference with your current wireless internet signals and no additional cost to you for this feature.

Video, Alarms and More

Anything from a single camera addition to an unlimited casino grade system can be installed in your home or business to meet your needs. Our wireless video systems have built in secure wireless connectivity so you don't have to worry about adding in routers or antennae for the signal. Wireless security systems are more subtle than older systems and can go unnoticed by family, customers, and criminals alike.

With our wireless security camera systems, the video can be accessed at any day or time with a simple login from your computer or smartphone. You can arrange for video alerts to be sent to you instantly through text or email and have recordings scheduled based on what you decide.

With our indoor and outdoor IP camera options, the IP video server retrofits that can be applied to any existing analog camera and secure offsite video storage on a specialized cloud server, our wireless security systems are designed for easy functionality and complete security. Protecting what matters most shouldn't weigh on your mind; contact Southwest Security and let us help you design a wireless security system that will keep your investments safe.

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