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Access Control

A home has an active household of people coming and going, but the last thing you want is for that ability to be extended to criminals. House keys can be lost, stolen and duplicated, but they're necessary for you and your children to get into your home.

When you have a security system installed, it's necessary for everyone in your household to be able to come and go without causing alarms, but the last thing you need is your children being able to deactivate the alarm for an evening while you're away from home. That’s where access control systems from Southwest Security come in.

Keep the Control In Your Hands

Just as you want to control access to the internet or certain cable channels, you want to control your family’s access to your home and the security system that keeps it secure. This is why our security systems are customized for each individual household.

What worked for a house we handled yesterday may not work for your Albuquerque home, and we want to create a unique security system that will answer all of your needs. Access control systems are a way for us to offer that control to the people who are focused on protecting what matters most.

Individual Access for Everyone

The adults in a household can turn activating a security system into part of their daily routine, but children and teenagers are prone to forgetting details. This is why our access control systems allow parents to reactivate the security system remotely.

With role based access control, you can provide your family with different levels of access to the security system. Your children can reactivate the alarm when they get home from school while you and your spouse can deactivate it, adjust the settings and contact our Alarm Response Center through two-way communication.

Southwest Security isn't satisfied until you are. This is why we help our customers understand exactly how to use their systems as well as provide a survey of what level of protection is most suitable for their individual households. With our access control systems and the role based settings available, we can tailor the system you choose to suit your household and let you relax in a home that you've made secure with our help. Give us a call to learn more about our personalized security solutions.

Call Southwest Security at (505) 440-9025 and speak to our qualified technicians about customized access control!