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Using Door Sensors for Albuquerque’s Safety

Every 13 seconds, a home in the United States is broken into, and this usually happens during the day when homeowners are at work. The biggest weak points in any home security is the doors and windows. If left unsecured or unprotected, they become easy prey for a criminal to take advantage of. Door sensors—also known as entry sensors, contact sensors or window sensors—are one of the first lines of defense against intrusion.

Prevention is protection against the violation of your peace of mind, your sense of security and, of course, your home. Southwest Security is ready to help you secure your doors against intrusion.

How Door Sensors Work

When a door opens, a door sensor either makes a sound or alerts the security system that it’s been activated. But how does that happen, and how can the same technology apply to doors and windows or even cabinets and drawers?

Door sensors utilize a reed switch, technology that has been around since 1936. A reed switch consists of electrical connectors placed slightly distant from each other. When a magnetic field is put parallel to the connectors, it pulls them together and closes the circuit. This is, essentially, a delicate lock on your door. When the door is opened, the magnet is pulled away from the connectors, opening the circuit and sending the connectors apart.

Even wireless door sensors contain one reed switch and one magnet to create a complete closed circuit. If someone opens a door armed with a sensor, the reed switch is activated and triggers an event in the security system. This could range from a text notification to a full alert involving the entire system.

Making Door Sensors Work for You

Southwest Security knows that no two homes are alike; you need security solutions designed for your home, your family and your needs. With items like wireless doors sensors and smart security systems, we can customize a system to do exactly what you need it to: protect what matters most.

If you have multiple entrances to your home, large windows or even certain areas of your home you want secured against intrusion, door sensors can provide peace of mind regardless of the size of your security system. Contact us today and schedule a consultation for the installation of your door sensors!

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