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Home Protection

A home is where you go to feel safe, to raise your family, to have a little haven from the world at large. The last thing anyone wants is for that home to be compromised, but it happens. Every 13 seconds, a home in the United States is broken into and this usually happens during the day when homeowners are at work.

What does it do to your sense of safety to get off of work and find your home has been violated? The emotional cost is higher than the average $2,000 loss of stolen items; Southwest Security wants to keep that money in your hands and that sense of safety intact.

Offering Peace of Mind

One of the key factors that comes up is the fact that burglars avoid homes that require too much effort to break into. A home security system is a major deterrent against intrusion, and technology has allowed us to offer home security systems that don't require phone lines to function. This means even if a burglar does attempt to cut your phone and electricity to disable the security system, they are still going to activate it when they try breaking in.

Identifying Threats to Your Safety

Only 13% of reported burglaries are ever solved; video monitoring can put your home in that percentage. We can help you identify the weak points in your home's security and provide monitoring that can capture video of anyone who attempts a forced entry. With sensors that can tell the difference between your cat and an intruder, false alarms are decreasing rapidly by the year. You want to protect your home, not disturb the neighborhood with an alarm system that Fluffy trips every time she slips out through the pet door.

Southwest Security understands you want to feel in control of what goes on in your home, even when you're not there. Our systems are customized to each home in order to meet every unique need that your family has. Home security companies offer security systems; we offer you our expertise and tools to help protect what matters most. Contact us today to get started.

Your home is your castle. Let us be your guards and call (505) 440-9025 to learn more about our customized home protection options!