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Water Alarms, Even in Albuquerque

Smoke detectors usually come with a new house or apartment, and everyone knows to be careful with potential fire hazards. Fire causes damage and can cost lives. But water can cause just as much damage, and that may not be covered by your insurance policy. Pipes burst, unseasonable rainfall occurs and because water leaks don’t have tells the way fire does with smoke, they may go unnoticed until the damage is already done.

Southwest Security has dealt with water-related issues, even in the desert, and that’s why we include water leak detectors in our security coverage.

Protection Against Water Leaks Comes in Detector Form

There are smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and even motion detectors that read infrared signatures. But not many people know that water leak detectors even exist.

They do and they can be placed in locations where a leak might begin, such as on the floor near a clothes washer or in a discreet spot of a bathroom. Passive water leak detectors use a moisture sensor to activate an alarm when it becomes wet. These can save you time and money by alerting you to a leak before excessive damage has been done to your home.

Active water alarms can operate individual appliances, such as a clothes or dishwasher, or control the entire house. It automatically shuts off the water supply in case of a detected leak. These may require special shut-off valves and electrical wiring, so trust a professional to help you choose what system will work best for your needs.

Protecting What Matters Most

Your peace of mind is more valuable than damaged floorboards. It’s not the monetary cost of repairing water damage that makes a water leak detector so valuable; it’s knowing that your home is protected from extensive damage. Southwest Security can help you decide on the type and number of water alarms that will provide you with complete coverage for the vulnerable locations in your home.

Security monitoring will keep your home safe from intrusion, and smoke, fire and water alarms can keep your safe home from expensive and even life-threatening damage. Contact us today and find out what kind of security system we can create for your unique needs!

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